Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pick me up for the lesson?


Yes, we pick you up from school, work, or home at no additional cost. Take advantage of our *Early Bird Special 

How Many Lessons do I have to take?


If you are 16 years old, the State of New Jersey requires you to take 6 hours behind the wheel with a licensed driving school to receive a validated permit. If you are 17 or older, and have your learners permit, you can take as many lessons as you would like.  

Do I get the same instructor each lesson?

Yes, you will have the same instructor for each one of your lessons based on availability. 

Will other students be in the car during my lesson?


No, only the instructor will be in the vehicle with you. 

Are lessons available 7 days a week?

Lessons are offered to meet the needs of  the student's schedule. We have instructors that prefer to work weekends and others available 7 days a week, We find what is best for both student and instructor.

Are my personal documents safe?


Yes, your documents are safe with us. They will be kept with the instructor at all times and will be returned to the student after the 6 hours, and the permit is validated.